Smart Home

We’ll automate your home with state-of-the-art tech to work smarter, not harder.


That feeling of having to get up to turn out the lights for your movie right after getting perfectly comfortable on your sofa? Gone forever.


Smart doesn’t stop at lights and switches, you can control your outlets remotely, too.

smart thermostat


Temperature control that even Goldilocks would approve of- just right.

video doorbell


Home security is made easy with video doorbells to help you be prepared for package deliveries and everything else that approaches your door.

smart smoke detector and smart carbon monoxide detector


Smart smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors will ping your phone if they are activated. This can alert you early on to call emergency response teams and take action even if you are not at home.

smart automated sprinkler system


Who says you don’t have a green thumb? Easily set irrigation schedules to give yourself the yard of the year.