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Countdown: 5 Reasons to Choose a Generac Generator

Here’s why we trust Generac generators to keep our homes and businesses running during any power outage.

#5: Patented Technology

Most Generac Power Systems are backed by a U.S. patent. This means that Generac has backup power down to a science- literally. Being the forerunner of backup power, Generac has perfected its systems to work just right while you rest easy. You can see which patents are in place for your generator here.

#4: Variety of Options

Generac offers a wide variety of options to fit the unique needs of your home. You can choose a generator that covers your whole house or just the essential elements of your home. Preferred fuel types can vary, so Generac offers different generators for natural gas, liquid propane, solar power, and battery power. They also have several models within each type of generator so it’s easy to find a generator to fit your budget.

Generac’s Sizing Calculator makes it easy to decide on the right coverage, fuel source, and price range for you.

#3: Automatic Response

When your Generac generator senses a loss of power, it will automatically turn on your backup power. Because your generator is fueled by natural gas or another fuel source separate from your main electricity, you can have nearly seamless power throughout any power outage.

Click here to learn more about the automatic response of your generator.

#2: Certified Technicians

Generac offers intensive training courses that each of our electricians must complete before installing or servicing standby generators. These hands-on courses employ top-of-the-line technology to prepare technicians for common and abnormal cases in generator installation and repair. The Ferree Electric team is fully prepared to offer you the best possible care for your home backup generator.

#1: The Number-One Choice

Generac generators are preferred by 8 out of every 10 homeowners who invest in home backup power. Being the first innovator of affordable home standby generators, and with the widest range of power products, it’s easy to see why Generac is the number-one choice for backup power.

Click here for more information about Ferree Electric and Generac generators. Give us a call at 801-702-8930 or send us an email at to protect your home with a Generac backup power system of your own.


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